Access Free Learning Resources Online – Tuesday Tip – April 10, 2018

Are you interested in learning more about U.S. Civil War history before a summer trip to visit battlefields, or about the emperors of Rome before a trip to Italy?  Are you determined to arm yourself for the culture wars with a better understanding of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection? Want to brush up on your Spanish or French, or learn Arabic? No? How about relaxing and watching one of 1,150 free movies? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I have the website for you!

Open Culture Holds a Wealth of Free Learning Resources

The Open Culture website describes itself as “The best free educational & cultural media on the web.”  It boasts a library of 1,300 free lectures, more than a thousand “MOOCs” (Massive Open Online Courses), 1,150 free movies, 700 free audio books, 800 free eBooks, and more.  The website’s lead editor is Dan Colman, Director and Associate Dean of Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. “The common thread running through his career,” says Colman’s profile on the website, “is his interest in bringing relevant, perspective-changing information to large audiences, often with the help of the internet.”  Open Culture is not associated with Stanford University.

Open Culture’s home page features a blog with interesting and eclectic new content appearing almost daily.  Recent articles include “Stephen King Creates a List of His 10 Favorite Novels,“ and “The Genius of Harry Beck’s 1933 London Tube Map-and How It Revolutionized Subway Map Design Everywhere.”  

Open Culture is an essential resource for all lifelong learners.  Check it out today!

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